I became interested in natural health back in 2002 when I was diagnosed with Endometriosis.  Doctors told me there was nothing they could do until I eventually went through menopause and it would go away.  Meanwhile I had to put up with the pain.

I didn’t believe what they said.  I had always believed there had to be an underlying problem to anyone’s health challenges, but could never quite explain what that could be.  It wasn’t just a fact of life, like the Doctor would have us believed. There had to be something else going on in our bodies, but what?

Coincidentally, within a month of finding out that I had Endometriosis, I was introduced to the “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie CD”.  I could not believe what I was hearing. This man (Doctor Wallach), was answering all the questions that I had. I had finally found my answers.   

From that moment I started sharing Doctors Wallach’s messge and I have never looked back.  It also cleared up minor health challenges I was facing, eg frequently getting ulcers in my mouth, and I was always getting the flu or cold off someone.  That all stopped!

In 2009 I moved to Australia with my husband.  I at that time was working in the legal profession and taking the products endorsed by Doctor Wallach.

In 2014 I left my job in legal and decided it was time to concentrate on Doctor Wallach’s crusade fulltime.

If you are struggling with your own health challenges, we feel we can provide simple health solutions which may well give you unbelievable results, which most believe impossible.